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First Knife for Sale! The O1 K'nifi in Black Linen Micarta


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Up for sale at $150 shipped,I have my own design I call the K'Nifi. This was my attempt at an all around everyday user knife that's legal in most places. This blade is very comfortable to use and it's brother, the Copper Clad K'nifi has been my EDC for a few months, now.


Here are some specs:


OAL: 6.3125"

Spine Thickness: 0.1875"

Handle thickness: 0.75"

Blade: 2.5"

Steel: O1

Scales: Black Linen Micarta and two 1/8th inch brass pins.

HT and Temper: 1475F with a 20min soak, Oil quenched, and double tempered at 400F

Weight: 5.3oz (149g)


Side Note: All of the leather work behind it is handmade by me and is available for sale too. Just ask.



All non-edge profile lines are rounded over for a great feel and soft look. Also, that chunk out of my finger tip was not this blade...




Asking $150 obo, shipping to CONUS included.

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