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Hydraulik forging press in the making

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I have some time to spare now and I want to get into some more serious forging. Unfortunately, I can't setup an air hammer because of noise and vibration, therefore I am building a press. The press is inspired from builds of Thorsten Pohl and Fithjof Güttler. I made some drawings, got double-t steel profiles and purchased a hydraulic aggregate. Only things still missing are a cylinder and a differential valve to boost the speed in light duty operation.


I am still not sure if this is the best way to fix the ram onto the cylinder though. The welding of the piston rod to the ram should not be subjected to any great bending moments due to the ram being blocked by the frame after a small margin of 0.5 mm or so that allows the ram to slide. I may come up with a different solution like a sleeve since I dont really want to weld the piston rod if I can avoid it. Is there an easy way to do this when the cylinder does come with a blank piston rod?


Anyways here are the drawings that I made. If there is some general interest, I will post some masurements although you can easily adjust this by choosing other steel profiles to match your needs. I will use 120 HEM/IPBv profiles with a length of approx. 2m. But maybe I will shorten this as well so I can get it through doors more easily.

Presse Baugruppe3.jpg

Presse Baugruppe4.jpg

Presse Baugruppe5.jpg

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