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It is unfortunate if the video was pirated, but the content of it is amazing to me. I think it was M. Muggeridge who said "New news is just old news happening to new people." That's how it can be for me sometimes. To see someones name mosaic style in an old Damascus barrel reminds me that everything I see today has just about been going on for a long time. Very cool video. Thanks for sharing it.

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Joshua--That video continues to show up though I understand that it may have been pirated from the legitimate owners. Very enjoyable though. I've watched it more than once.


Owen--Thanks. That's an interesting article.


Here's a link showing how Steve Culver made his Damascus pistol: https://youtu.be/k3VLJCW65rM




Gary, copyrights usually expire something like 25 years after the death of the last living copyright holder. That video is at least 85 years old. I cannot say for certain, but my money is on it being in the public domain by now. Oh yeah, if I did it correctly, Steve's video should appear in the "next up" location when you go to youtube using the link I provided.... ;) (gotta support our friends ya know!)


Jerrod, I didn't realize it had already been posted before. I just like to watch that every now and again. Get's me inspired to push my limits. I have to get better at searching the forum for topics.


Owen, I can't get to that site from work, (it's restricted?). I'll check it when I get home.

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I remembered seeing those other posts when they first came up, so to get the links I just went to Google and typed "site:bladesmithsforum.com damascus barrels". I'm pretty sure they were the first 2 hits. Always use a Google site search, not the forum search.

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