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hey guys,

made me some new tongs for training.(i really suck in making tongs) the last tongs i made is over 2 years back.

i was to lazy to draw out the handles and i´m not used to forge welding. so i just stick-welded the handles on to the tongs. fast and easy.

please dont kill me for this. :P





to make the story short, i really enjoyed it to forge something else than blades. and the result is pretty "ok" for me. and even that much "ok" that i´m allready thinking about forging the next tong´s. and who knew, maybe someday i forge some tongs that i can be proud of.


have all a nice day,


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I like them! The jaws turned out really well.


My "tongs" are a pair of channel locks. I've been playing with the idea of just welding longer handles on them.


And part of blacksmithing is making the tools to suit you. In that regard, there really is no "right" or "wrong."

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well, im still not proud of what i call tongs. but its getting better.

and to be honest, im not really trying to make them perfect. in first line they have to do the job.

and this style is what doing the job in momment for me.

IMG 20170109 224234

cheers, geko
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