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Hey all,


My new Hay Budden anvil has a 4/5" hardy hole. Is that common? I've not found any places that sell hardy tools in that size, which means I'll have to make anything I need? The first thing I need is a hot-cut chisel, and I've never made one before. It seems pretty straightforward, however since I don't already have a hot-cut, I have to figure out how to cut a piece of tool steel to length. Could I cut it with my 14" cut-off saw or my bandsaw? Does anyone know a place that sells hardy tools that would fit?



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It should be a nominal 7/8", but since they are hand made they always vary. I'd start with 1.25" round bar, forge a square shank on it to nearly fit the hole, grind it to a loose fit, then heat it back up and forge it straight into the hole to eliminate rocking. It has to be a little loose! Then you can forge and grind the cutting end.


A too-tight hardy shank can break the anvil or get stuck so hard you can't remove it, so always aim a little loose.

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