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Small knife with beech burl on handle

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Hi everyone.


My name is Jakub Petráš and I am new there. I live in Slovakia, on the bordery with Czech. Why I start with the knifemaking? I think, that answer consist of stories from forge which told me my grandfather and of the books which I read.


Mostly I work with materials which I found or materials that someone gave me. It is very important for me because I can knowingly continue the story of individual material and connect it with others. I hope that it is understandable.


And there is last knife from my workshop.


His name is Dúlin, blade is forged of tool steel, guard is bronze and on handle is beech burl. Sheath is from cowhide which I dyed with rust and linen oil. Sheath is decorated with symbol of bird.


Overall length 18,5 cm and blade is 7,5 cm.


Thank you for watching!











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Very nice and welcome to the forum, I love everything about it.

it looks like a classy everyday knife that's built to work, but also something that could be passed down from Father to son.

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Welcome, you might be new here but, you are definitely not new to knife making and leather work! Great work!!! Thumbs up!!!

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And I second the comment on the texture on the guard.


Very good work.

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good little knife. I love the guard. Welcome to the forum.

please keep showing us your work.

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Krásna nôž a plášť Jakub. Vitajte na fórum.


(Beautiful knife and sheath Jakub. welcome to the forum)

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Thank you all for very pleasant welcome at forum!


So I try to respond. Knifemaking is my general hobby since 2011 and last two year it is my work too.


Structure on the guard I made with especially modified nose of small hammer.


Yes, bird motif on the sheath it is a bit hidden. I did it because spring is comming to our country and one of the basic symbol of spring is bird lay.

Edited by Jakub Petras
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