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Chrome Plating (no knife content)

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As diverse as the member's pursuits are on this forum, I thought I'd run this by you...


Any leads on affordable chrome plating? (in the US)


There's couple local shops around here, but they are high-end hot rod suppliers, and they sure do charge for it.


My son and I are restoring my dad's '73 Kawasaki 100 Trail Boss. The fenders and shock springs need re-chromed along with a few other trim parts.


This is not it, but this is what it's supposed to look like:





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Thanks for the feedback.



I was really hoping to keep it under the $200 mark, but it looks like we'll be trying the metal polish, 0000 steel wool, and buffer route to see what chrome we can salvage.


I just spent $120 on a set of factory decals :huh:


We had the tank un-dented and repainted and the frame is cleaned and painted as well.


My son is going to have it bored and he's gonna build it back. I'll probably spring for tires.


My dad turned 80 in January. He won a lot of motocross and enduro races on this bike in the '70's. We are hoping to get it complete while he's still able to ride it.

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I'll ask and see if there any quality and affordable chrome plating shops around here.


I do have 2 questions though


does it have to be the original fenders? you might be able to get replacements for a good price


how about sand blasting the fenders and painting them? after all, why bother with chrome which you have to take time to clean when you could be riding instead?



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I might look for replacements, but I'll bet that if there are any, they'll be way higher than the re-chrome.


As far as paint, we are shooting for a restoration, not just repair. This is a 43 year-old bike and we would get a kick out of seeing it as close to new as possible.


These things are very unusual. They had a 10 speed transmission. A lever on the handle bars would gear your 5 street gears down to low-range. With a good knobby tire it would climb a tree in low.


This one was passed down to me when I was about 12 or 13 (when I outgrew my Honda 70). This was my main transport until I turned 16 and got my DL.


I laid it down hard when I was a sophomore in high school, so I was ready for 4 wheels as soon as my time came.

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I was watching "Counting Cars" the other night, and they were experimenting with some sort of spray chrome process. It wasn't just chrome paint, but it was supposed to be a lower cost option than the typical hot rod chrome work. I think this is what they used, maybe you can find somebody with a system:


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I talked to every car and bike guy I know and they all said the same thing, the metal has to be perfect before its chromed and chroming is damn expensive, several suggested looking on ebay or craigslist for replacement parts and it would be cheaper.

I once knew a guy in Wi who had 100's of smaller bikes in a barn and he dealt in parts, I'll look around for his number and send it to you, maybe he could help



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Thanks Ricky.


Again, I appreciate the information.


I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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