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Ashokan Sword 2016

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sorry Jim. I will miss seeing you. take care, though. Those look pretty wicked. I never knew that wild parsnip could do that.

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Well... I'm in too. See you guys there.

And one last announcement: During the event, a quorum of the Grand High Council of Fiery Beards consisting of myself, Matt Parkinson, Jake Powning, Júl, and Peter Johnsson personally bestowed the Fier

Hmmm... dunno if a big pot of bladesmith stew is on my to-do list. I know most of you guys, remember!

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Holy crap, Jim! I won't be there, but I'm sure those that will are going to understand why you can't attend. That looks painful. I'm so sorry that you're forced to endure this.


Take care of yourself! Treat yourself at least a bit like the rest of the community sees you: As a treasure of talent and wisdom that should be protected.


Be well, Jim.



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Jim THAT is terrible! I hope you get over that mess soon, I've never heard of wild parsnip, I sometimes forage for wild edibles so I am definitely looking that up!

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Wow Jim, that's just awful. Thanks for the precautionary tale though...Now I have yet another plant to fear...


I was looking forward to seeing you again, but your health is by far more important. Take care and heal well!

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Here's a few pics I took, and one that Page took, because I liked it and it has me in it =D


Alan and Owen




J.A. Loose shows how to test the carbon content of a sword by licking it, with Ric Furer's Ulfie.



Alan and the Ulfie



JJ Simon, Page Steinhardt, and Derrck Kemper working on the hearth steel block



Jesvs and the free beer!



Peter Johnsson examining the viking sword that I made along with myself


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Despite my desire to capture great photos of everyone, I fear my head wasn't in the game this weekend, as I got some bad news just before heading to the event. Regardless, here's a few quick shots which weren't horrible:



Tom Walter and Mike Pulack






Ric Furrer with his Ulfberht





Tristan Zukowski and Mike Edelson






AWESOME Tom Ward photobomb







Mace and Deker. Knuckle sandwich.



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Sorry to miss the opportunity to meet you, Jim and I hope you heal fast!

It's was a great weekend seeing and talking to good friends and making new ones.

Thanks very much Jesus. There would have been so many quality first time meetings with yours right at the top of the list :-(

Healing is moving right along, about a week too late...

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I know I had tons... and I mean tons of fun!

I am going to be chewing over everything I learned for the next year.

By hook or crook, I will be there next year!



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Fantastic event! I am in the same boat as Gabriel above (pleasure to meet you man!), my mind will be spinning for some time with things I learned, it truly taught me how little I think I know. It was a pleasure to meet and put faces to people I've only known through forums, what a great bunch of folk!


If Ashokan Sword doesn't serve to reignite a beard nothing will. Big thanks to the NEBG!

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Just wondering... have you since considered changing your name to Gut? :lol:


It was awesome meeting you also!


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Just wondering... have you since considered changing your name to Gut? :lol:


It was awesome meeting you also!



Gut, that was too funny, it may stick whether I want it to or not!

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Still more pictures!


A very happy Peter Johnsson.




Gabriel Paavola, Kevin the Professor, Peter, and Matt Parkinson.




A kilted Justin Mercier.




Jesus Hernandez looking like he's up to something, Owen Bush watching the lecture, and Jake Powning cleaning his glasses.




Ric Furrer and his Ulfbehrt sword.




Júl wielding the Ulfie.




Later that night, Júl wielding the moonshine with Owen and Mike Edelson.



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Mike, Emiliano, Jake, Eli, and a dubious Sam Salvati about an hour before the ass-taze.




Jake goes for the slam dunk.




Watching the hearth melt.




The ass-taze sequence, from moonshine to moon to the immediate aftermath.








That was too funny... Jesus and Ric with Jesus' vehmaa sword.




A beautiful mokume octopus.




Owen and Emiliano.




Justin, Emiliano, and Dennis McAdams.




Deker and Zeb Deming.




A rather tired-looking Sam and Matt Gregory.



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