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Hello everyone, I hope this finds you all doing well.
For your consideration herein is my first attempt at a multi-bar Damascus blade. I've made a couple of cable blades in the past (with varying degrees of success), but this is my first try at a "true" modern-day Damascus blade. I hope you like it.

63 layers of 1095/15n20
Box-Elder handle
4" blade, 8" OAL
Nickel-silver hardware

I'm not super happy with my attempt at etching my initials on the butt-cap. 15 minutes in Ferric produced an incomplete etch of my logo. Any suggestions for etching nickel-silver?

As always, thank you for your comments and suggestions.
- Dan Hurtado









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Nice clean work, good balance and proportions. Can't etch n/s that I am aware using ferric or salts. Maybe could have stamped in advance. Someone else may have a solution. It's made well enough to have initials engraved (maybe by a jeweler or gunsmith)?

Nice sheath too!

Gary LT

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Mr.Clean! great looking knife.

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Looks good! And yeah, nickel is remarkably resistant to acids. In fact, they use it for pipe (as monel, not nickel silver) in acid plants for that very reason.

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Dan, Electro-etching is probably your best bet for logo application in multiple metal typess.


I got my etching machine here: http://www.etch-o-matic.com/index.html

They also sell what you need to make stencils for your logo (providing you have a printer and transparency film) but the stencils are not the best in the world. The etch tends to leak a bit around the edges. So I get my logo stencils from Marking Methods. www.markingmethods.com/store/pc/home.asp


Just remember, there are different etching solutions for different metals.

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