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The nightmare

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hi all,


after a long break I`d like to show you another knife,

I built it last winter.


steel: W1

guard: steel and bronce



length: 35cm

blade only: 21cm

thickness: 5,0-1,5mm


thanks for looking!






















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What can I say... Simply magnificent. :lol:

I particularily like the curve of the blade and the activity in the hamon.


Edit: I can't help but wonder though... how a highly polished black ebony handle would look on that thing. ;)

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I always get excited when I see you have posted a new knife Gerhard. That old rib bone with the textured copper is just magnificent. Your knives inspire me

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good to hear from you again. I love the hamon and steel, as usual. The balance shot was cool, too. Excellent carving, as always.

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Very nice! I was drooling more and more as each picture crept further back on the knife. I admired the metal sculpting more and more with each pic. Then, wham! My jaw hit the floor when the pommel came into view.

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Over the top, once again! The knife looks amazing.

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Nice to make your acquaintance Gerhard.

Fabulous knife. I thought the balance pic was particularly cool. I bet this knife is unbelievably fast in the hand. The materials choices are perfect. The color coordination between the bronze and the sea cow rib came out great and the carving makes me envious.

Thanks for showing.

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thank you all for your kind posts,

I`m glad you like nightmares too...


@welsey alberson,

the bronzeparts at the front and rear of the handle are built from two siver-soldered halfes, then fitted to the bone.



yep, ebony is one of my first-choice gripmaterial,

but then I found that dirty old bone and knew what to do.


best regards


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@gerald boggs,

I use nothing special for my pics:

an old digi: Canon Powershot S5 IS, F/8 +matching time,


2 external lights like these: http://www.amazon.de/Fotostudio-Studioleuchte-Studiolampe-H%C3%B6hestellbare-Lampenstativ/dp/B00WO4M0OY/ref=sr_1_11?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1459770052&sr=1-11&keywords=fotolampe.

my software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 12


@jonathan sibley,

yep, I found it!

not so strange to find things like that in a knifemaker-shop...



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