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Forged to shape - a picture thread

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Hello, i had the idea of starting this thread because i like forging as close to the final result as possible, i am sure i am not alone.

This is supposed to be a picture thread, used to show our knives, tools, axes, spears, etc. as they leave the forge, mods if this is the wrong place for this, feel free to move it.

I will start:


I did these 2 kitchen knives yesterday and today, forged from 6x35x80mm o2:







Lets see if this catches on!


Peder Visti

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A good thread, I look forward to seeing everyone's work. I normally make a wooden template to check against as I forge. This one turned out fairly close.



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Here are three knives forged.


3 Forged knives.JPG


And here are two of them with the templates used to size & shape while forging. It's the the top two in the forging photo. The third did not survive the finish grind before it found its way into the scrap bucket.


Templates & Finished1.jpg


The Bowie forged a little longer with a straighter clip than the template, and the hunter forged a little wider.





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I usually end up doing very little profile grinding on my blades but as I don't have any blades in the rough right now I don't have pictures to prove it


I strive to get within a 1/8" of profile and have very little shaping at the grinder. I always make a template to keep at the anvil while forging. I will take a soap stone and draw the template outline on the anvil face. Then I can take the blade-to-be and lay it on the anvil in the outline to see exactly what has to move where.

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