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Completed KITH 2016 Picture Thread

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I am finally done my KITH entry! My blade is a stanley wonder bar, the guard is a piece of mild steel, the copper is from old pipes, the steel spacer is from an angle iron, and the handle is maple and walnut. Overall, I love this knife! I am thinking it should be called resurrection because it was from the previous knife that broke, and my guard is a coffin shape ;)



Um... Why not call it Lazarus?


Fitting if you ask me...



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Here is mine Full specs: Blade: 9.375" L 1.75" W with .75" Ricasso Handle: 5.875" L including guard OA: 15.25" L Blade forged from a file Guard forged from a cross pein hammer Handle is copper,

I feelthe very same way! I can't wait to find out who I get to send mine to! I care more about someone else getting mine actually than getting one myself

I hope you guys approve. It would suck to be the guy who proposed this and get booted out or worse... not even finish.   -Gabriel

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Same here. I'm a talented procrastinator, but I'm on the polish for the blade, glued my handle pieces together and will finish the hand guard this week. Then assembly and sheath.


I have done more with less time :)

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Don't worry about me...

I won't have a sheath but that wasn't a requirement.

I will have it done in time.



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here is mine the blade wound up a tad shy after truing up the shoulders of 8" I hope that's ok. anyway here it is my weathered bowie

DSCN2393 (640x480).jpg

DSCN2397 (640x480).jpg

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I'm going to declare myself done. It could use some more work in the finish department, but I'm about out of shop time for the month. For those that didn't follow my WIP on this one, the idea was a rat-rod style knife that had as many identifiable items from the hardware store as possible. here are the components:


Blade = Stanley 21" Wonder bar

Bolster = part of a grade 8 1" bolt head

Guard = Stanley 6" wonder bar

Handle = Hickory from a pickax handle

Pin = part of a 3/16" allen wrench

Pommel = bronze pipe fitting with a spark plug


Scabbard = wood core wrapped with cotton cord covered in a piece of blue jeans all impregnated with auto-body fiberglass resin.


Blade length = 10" (9" edge length)

OAL = 15.5"

Weight = 13.6ox (385g)





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I have succumbed to peer pressure......not really.

I just think that every knife requires a sheath before it is 100% done.





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I decided to make myself a sheath for Lazarus, because really, any knife needs a sheath ;) it's my first wooden core sheath (scabbard?) And I think I did decently on it. It's made of maple hardwood, scraps of leather, parachute cord, copper grounding wire, and copper pipe. Hope you all like it!


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Does cardboard and duct tape count? That's all I have time for at the moment. :wacko:

You can buy that at Ace Hardware!

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That looks great! Is that a hamon hiding in there, or is it an acid splash effect?

You mean mine? I'm not really sure if it's a hamon, or if I just didn't steel wool the edge as much. If it is a hamon, it's my first.

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