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Damascus tanto

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Hi everyone


i went off the grid a bit and trow myself into work and forging etc.


so finally i have sum thing worth showing. . a Damascus blade made from K600, EN45 and O1.

the Damascus was made by a friend of mine.


unfortunately i did not keep it up to Japanese standards.. take a look.





















mind the other knives, thats the best picture i had taken before it sold.

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I do not like the notches or serrations. I feel it detracts from an otherwise beautiful blade! Needless to say, well done!


Edit: I can't stop looking at the knife second from the bottom, I like the shape of it.

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not sure why but i kinda like the notches, i also really like that handle on the knife second from the top.

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second knife from the top has a curly maple handle and very thin to carry and conceal easily.


at first i only had one notch but looked crap. so put 3 in... but that looked stupid haha.

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