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Laminated\Damascus blades

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those came out very good, just like the rest.

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I wanna show my last work. Skin do.Steel is 420+D2+420. Other one is the same but with copper.  

Hi everyone! Greetings from the forge.52100+copper+420.Sizes 205*30*5(mm) I`m recieving orders for such types of blades(and other).

Please read post №6   Another blade.My blank,forged from420+D2+Copper grindig by Oleg Xudenko

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I was going to say something along the lines of "gorgeous steel" and then I got to the dagger and was even more impressed. The multi-bar twist with mosaic wrap edge bar? Seriously seriously badass. I can't stop staring at it.

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Great blades! Going to put any up for sale here?

Thanks,yes am going.May be some mosaic blades,or laminated.


Really cool stuff. I wonder if the copper blocks diffusion? I wonder how much diffuses into/from the copper? I gotta try that canister technique with copper this weekend.

The grinds and patterns look great. Especially those daggers!

Thanks,yes it blocks diffusion.Non diffusion into\from.


New mosaic blades.Blades are nearly the same...

Blade sizes 130\30\4mm









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