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Iron ore in my area?

Isaac Myers

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I've recently attempted to jump on the "make your own iron/steel" bandwagon, and hope that I might get some pointers here. I live in southeastern Ohio, and evidenced by several standing (and less-than-standing) furnaces in the area, there was definitely a substantial amount of iron production at one time. I looked into mindat, ODNR's website, and a few other resources, to see if there were records of any iron mines in the area--but with very little success. Yesterday, I spent the day driving around, and walking along river/creek edges, and found about 25 lbs of partially magnetic...stuff. WP_20160426_13_17_15_Pro.jpgWP_20160426_13_17_44_Pro.jpgWP_20160426_13_19_23_Pro.jpg

It's only magnetic in parts, and in those parts, fairly weakly.

I'm wondering if this is worth collecting--it seems that there's plenty of it--or are there better resources to look for? Or a good place in North/Western West Virginia to go collecting?

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