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Long due update (Pics heavy )

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Hi everybody !

I don't really know if you will remember me, it has been a few years since I posted here, even though I lurk around regularly as I enjoy seeing all the beauties you guys post !

I will try to condense a bit as I made quite a few piece pieces during this time, as you can imagine, most of them are knives for viking reenactment but well, you'll see ^_^

Let me start with a piece that I consider to be my most complicated build so far, even if it is not my latest, made for the leader of the Joms and offered by my "clan"
Sadly, the pictures are not the best as I was in a super hurry at the time :rolleyes:

It's a multibar damascus made from 6 pieces, mainly 1.3% steel
Handle is made from bog oak, mammoth ivory and bronze
The sheath is veg tanned leather decorated with brass sheets


Here is something different, but this projet was something special, it was ordered by a woman which was planning a trip around the world to learn about the alternative healing techniques, so she wanted a trusty companion, I made it from 14C28N stainless and splated birch




I also made a little "set" for a contest on a french forum, with the rule of making either a friction folder or a neck knife with a WIP, I made both ! :P
If you are curious, here it is https://picasaweb.google.com/106672221917948955536/6283715975144304081?authkey=Gv1sRgCL3om62AirixVA#


This was my first try at using titanium for the frame of a folder

And after that, I made a few others !



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Then again, I coudn't help myself fo make another multibar

But sometime, a classic is nice too

Or maybe a bit wrought-er ? :lol:




But sometimes, you can't fight the roughness of the forge, and somthing like this can occur

And...well... when large thing are calling, you can't really fight them, can you ?


There are always little felas to rise up and let know they are here


But there is a time where they must fold


And slowly let the order of thing take it's place once again


And rise up again !

I hope this was not too large of a post, but as I said, there is quite a few that left the shop
Thanks a lot for watching this ! :)

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Real nice work I especially like the chief's style knife with some of the forging left on it and then the bone and wooden handled friction folders, now I really like them.


Don't get me wrong all of them are really good work and showcase your talent but I tend to gravitate to the pieces I mentioned. I guess I just never got into the Saxes! I can appreciate all the work in the knives and the sheaths though!


Top shelf work!! Two thumbs up!!

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Thanks a lot guys for these kinds works and the inspiration you give me ! :)

I have to admit that the ones you like the more are also my little favorites ! I just love how the elk antler turn out, it is just a shame that I can't find them "easily" here :/

As for busy... you can say that ! The workshop as been quite improved and I already have some sleepless night due to some heavy machines that I plan to build sooner than later (Power hammer yaaayyyy !! )

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