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I don't know if this post will be okay, if not, I let the chiefs delete it, no issues for me there ;)

So, I have these fellas that are sitting on the shelf, sunbathing, and well, this can't really be tolerated can it ? :lol:

For starter, this friction folder, made with the intention of bringing the scramasaxe blade shape into a more modern knife

The blade is 100c6 (ball bearing steel) with differential hardening and glide on teflon washers
The frame is aviation grade titanium
The scales are in stabilized ash olive tree and the spacer is made from stabilized spatted beech

13.5cm (5" 1/3) closed for 21cm (8" 1/3) open with
9cm (3" 1/2) of edge

260 $ + shipping (35$ )

Then, this tiny scramasaxe on a distal tapered full tang

The blade is made from 115w8 (tungsten steel alloy ) with a lightly etched hamon
The handle is made from boxwood root and brass for the rivets
17cm (6" 3/4) overall for 7cm (2" 3/4) of blade

190 $ + shipping (35$ )

And these two vikings,

the first, with a wrought iron spine (from an old prison bar :ph34r: ) and c130 edge (1.3% C steel)
The handle is made from boxwood, reindeer antler and bronze

Veg tanned leather dyed in burgundy and decorated with brass sheet

21.5cm (8" 1/2) overall for 10cm (4") of blade

290 $ + shipping (35$ )


And the second with a 320 layer-ish damascus blade
The handle is made from elm burl and bronze

The sheath is veg tanned leather just treated (almost saturated) with bees wax and decorated with brass and copper sheets

25cm (10") overall for 12cm (4" 3/4) of blade

440 $ + shipping (35$ )


Thanks for watching, for any question at all, send me a PM ! :)
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