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I'm in the end-planning process for a power hammer, after debating the pros and cons for the model, I'm deciding to build a tire hammer mostly base on the great DP120 make by Dave Preston, but I can't find a place where to buy the plans for the "original tire hammer", that's mainly for the dupont linkage proportions

I sent an email on the "@tirehammer" address, but it returned to me as failed

Do you have a solution for me, whether it is another email or anything else ?

Thanks guys !

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That's the one I'm trying to contact, but the infos I have don't seem to be working anymore :/
And I have stumbled across a few post concerning people not being able to join him, so that's my issue, maybe have you a working email to join him ?

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This is the last info on him I have. Pretty much the same as Alan had posted.


The plans are 40 pages, printed front and back on 20 sheets that include parts list, detail and assembly drawings, sources, notes, installation, adjustments and maintenance. Nearly 400 hammers have been built in workshops.


Price is $30US including postage to US and Canada, Send check or money order to


Clay Spencer,

73 Penniston Pvt. Drive,

Somerville, AL 35670.

E-mail: clay@otelco.net

clay@otelco.net for info

or call my cell 256-558-3658.

Or send Paypal for $30 to clay@tirehammer.com


(clay@tirehammer.com is my Paypal address but does not work for e-mail.)

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