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Michael Stuart

Anvil, post vise and Champion blower for sale in NC

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I'm trying to downsize a bit before I have to move my smithing things yet again. I have a Champion blower with stand ($225), a 4 inch post vise with stand ($180), and an English-made anvil, marked 1-2-11 which is 179 pounds, $600. The anvil has a small chip off one edge near the heel, and a groove in the side of the horn, probably put there for some specific job that is now unknown. The blower turns freely with good airflow and keeps going when you let go of the handle. The vise works fine but I have a larger one I prefer to keep.


Not pictured I also have a double chamber great bellows ($250). I'm located just outside of Charlotte, NC. There's some very light surface rust on the anvil face (condensation since I last used it) but overall it's in pretty good shape; I just have another one I prefer. I don't need much but would consider working out a trade toward a better 2x72 grinder than what I have. Anyway, send me a note if you're interested and I can email or give you a call.





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