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Hi there,


I want to show you two new saxes from my workshop.


Name of first sax is Drauganca.


I welded blade from three pieces of steel - on back is wrought iron from horse-drawn vehicle, in the middle I used my own damascene and on the edge is czechoslovakian equivalent of AISI W2 steel.


Handle is from elm wood, moose antler with wolf theme and brass plate.


Cowhide sheath is colored with rust and oil. On fin I riveted brass fittings with iron ring and two leather lashes.


Next is called Gwathrist.


Blade is forged from big piece of spring steel which I found at Christmass day of 2014. It is partial hardenned.


On handle you can find wood of mud oak from river Moravia. Its age is dated to end of 16th century. Next there are bronze fittings and moose antler with runes which support name of knife.


Sheath from cowhide it is very similiar to previous. Different black color ensue from blend of vingar and steel filings.


Thank you for watching!













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those are great. The wood and antler work on the first, and the pattern welding on the second, blow me away.

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