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A couple of anvils

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Very new to the forum and I have questions about an anvil I recently found. It was found when demolishing an old barn on my great grandfathers property. Markings show

A. Baldwin Company

??????? Warrant ??

New Orleans La


It's in very rough shape, lots or rust, the face has rolled beaten edges, and the heel is broken at the hardie hole.

Is there such a thing as a machine shop refinishing the face to square it back up?

We have another anvil at our farm shop marked

Hay Budden



It get abused as well.

Back to the A. Baldwin, considering it's been in my family and made in New Orleans, La it's got sentimental value.

I'll try to post a few pictures later.





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Cool! The Baldwin is also a Hay-Budden. They sold them through hardware dealers with the dealer's stamp on them as well as under their own name. They are both wrought iron with steel faces. Well, some steel on the Baldwin.


Note the fastest way to smithing hell is let a machine shop get anywhere close to an anvil! The steel face is thin and the hardened part is thinner yet. Do not do anything at all except wire brush and gently hit it with a flap wheel. Do not try to flatten the face. Do not try to weld up divots and dings. That will ruin them. Well, the Baldwin is toast already, but you get the idea. There should be serial numbers on the front feet that will allpw me to pull a date, but they're both probably in the 1894-1908 range.

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