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Semi Completed KITH Entry and a Sad Non-Entry

Tim Tracey

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Hello folks,


I've been fairly quiet on the KITH sub-forum but rest assured I have been working on the entry and I'm frustratingly close to being done. But that is precisely when I am in the middle of a series of setbacks that can't be corrected in time to submit.

My drill press, el cheapo, has decided its not going to drill anymore. I do have a backup press, however without a motor.

Issue number two, and really the biggest issue, is my forge has severely been contaminated with copper and I am unable to heat treat without contaminating the work.

I've been experimenting with copper smelting and placed a homemade crucible in the forge to reduce the bloom fragments from a smelt when the crucible failed and unleashed a fair bit of nearly molten copper and copper bearing slag onto the floor of my forge. You should see the green flames!

Well here is my submission as it sits, and also a reminder how insidious copper can be. I made a quick Viking Maiden's knife and the copper just shines. Not intentional btw.


The blade is a Stanley wonder bar, the handle a hickory hammer handle, the guard a few bars of mild steel forge welded together to get the thickness, and I made mosaic pin stock from brass tube, square, rod, and a stainless rod in the center. The blade being just barely over 9 inches in length and 1 3/8 wide, with a just barely under 3/8 inch thick.


So unless there is tolerance to the circumstance and a delay in submission is allowed, then I am sad to say I am unable to participate in the KITH. Or unless someone would like a Hardware store Bowie kit ;)

WIN_20160524_211047 (2).JPG



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