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I want to build a complete metal sheath for a knife I made for a friend. Whats the best way to do it?

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Do you have much experience with forming sheet and silver soldering?


If not, you should probably read up and practice.

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There are several ways, all of which assume you're darned good with sheet metal. The simplest is probably the bound sheet style, in which plates of sheet metal are held in a frame of U-shaped sheet at the edges. This takes very good soldering skills. These are usually lined with very thin wood and felt. The sheath at the bottom of this picture is made that way:


bowies and sheaths 1.jpg


Another way is by cutting out two thin plates, forming them to the blade, carefully bending just the edges, filing to a perfect edge-to-edge fit, then soldering the seam into a one-piece metal blade-shaped tube, usually lined with velvet. The silver sheath at the top was made that way. This second method is the more common, but the guys who were making them were professional silversmiths. The learning curve on these very steep.


That first kind of built-up sheath can be made from mild steel sheet, copper, brass, nickel silver, silver, etc (but not aluminum) and ordinary solder. Not aluminum because you can't solder it.


The other kind of silversmithed sheath can be made of any of those metals as well, but must be joined by brazing or jewelers' hard silver soldering (same thing, sort of).


Yet another way is to cut out the sheet metal so that you can fold it around the blade and solder the edge seam with or without a filler strip. While technically not as difficult, it is hard to get it to look good that way.


And then there's the sheet iron scabbards Mark mentioned. Those are scary complicated, but too cool.

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I do my sheaths from wood adding a brass sleeve which in your case would be a full metal sleeve. The wood part 2 pieces put blade down draw outline carve out blades void with a burr and flex shaft or dremel. hold 2 pieces together and test your fit then glue n clamp. take ur blade again and draw another outline then another outline around that and cut out your sheath to shape/ always give yourself a little more material for play. sand n carve to shape then take a piece of paper and wrap it around the wood and mark it with pencil so there is a small overlap seam down one side. cut it out. you can get sheet metal as thin as paper it cuts almost as easy. trace your paper template onto your metal cut with scissors. fold metal over wood for fit. roach clips work well for clamping a small overlap seam. solder and sand your seam. then glue or epoxy wood into metal sleeve n polish.


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