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Type XA arming sword quick build.

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Hello, It's been awhile since I've been active on here but the projects never stop. Here is my latest work in progress. I based the design off of an Oakeshott Type Xa arming sword, but made it a hand and a half with a waisted grip. This is quick and dirty work and by no means the final product. I forgot to snap pictures of the progress as I went sadly. This one started out as a sparring sword but quickly changed to being sharp once I started getting a feel for for how it was shaping up.


The blade is about 28" long and over 2" at the base. The guard is 10" wide, however its gonna get shortened up I think. I hadn't done large long fullers before on a blade, so this was a test on an unproven method. To achieve the fuller I had fixed the blade, unground, on a metal table with magnets; aligning the center about 2" from the straight edge of the table. I made a guide from angle iron that I had fixed to an angle grinder, so that the disc was spinning perpendicular to the tabletop like a wheel. I used a flap disc which had a round edge. Then I would run the grinder up and down the blade. This method proved difficult as I had put it together rather crudely. It however worked in theory! I have a fuller that looks decent, however it could be much better.




My method of grinding in the bevels starts with 5160 .21" stock that's cut to profile with a waterjet. Not my preferred method but until I get the forge built I have to use my company's production methods. I then use an angle grinder and a flap disc to put in bevels. I definitely fell short here. I ground too much in some spots and ate away chunks from my profile which I had to compensate for. Bad Mark. but i came out with a nice sharp profile and good angles for edges.


Once I had this ground out I did a little bit of straightening with some heat, correction, and quenching. this went well I think. The stock is pre-hardened before its cut to profile, so we do tempering and straightening in house. After this, I started on sanding, which I have much more to do. So far this is kind of a rough 220 grit. should be a lot more diligent in the polishing department. From there I welded up this guard from mild steel pieces i had cut to shape. This will get more bevels and contours on monday.


The handle is made from 2 pieces of red oak with channels routered into them. I then spun the the shape on a lathe. This will get cording and leather wrap. The pommel is more of a place holder at this point, it's not accurate I don't think, however the weight is right where I want it. I'll be making a disk pommel with a threaded pin insert to attach to the threaded tang later on.




What do you guys think so far?

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