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Shopping for belts?

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It's been a couple years since I've ordered belts, and I need to stock up again. I used to order from Red Hill Supergrit, and USA knifemaker, but since it's been so long, I'm gonna shop around some.


Just wanting to see where everyone is getting theirs from as I start shopping around for prices again


Thanks ya'll!









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I agree with Alan, there prices are good and the shipping is very fast.

In fact on my last order, they called me and said they could fit my order in a flat rate box instead of the shipping method I chose. They refunded the difference and I had the box in three days.

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i shop around and get name brand belts tho my favorite were the no name cheep belts for years then i got a batch from super or tru i don't recall which that seamed to have heat sensitive adhesive and would blow the seam before the grit even started to dull with platen work and not much longer on contact wheel emailed for service and was ignored threw them out and looked elsware :(

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I purchase almost all of my belts through Tru-Grit as well, but Pops is good too.

I have been thinking about buying some belts from Combat Abrasives, who are new on the block. They have a pretty sweet way of choosing belts.

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We switched over to Preferred Abrasives out of Ohio the firestorm belts are hands down the BEST belts I have ever used. In coarse grit they are better than cubitrons or blaze out lasting 2-1.

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I saw somewhere there was a company that offered a deal to order 9 belts and get 1 free, but of course ive misplaced that information and never got to try it out for myself.

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I got some 36 grit bits from Tru Grit a while ago, I think they were called "value ceramic." They are so much better than the cheap belts from Amazon that I've been using that I could have kicked myself for not investing in better belts sooner. I run a 2x48 so my options are more limited than 2x72.

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