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What ive been up to the past few months

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hello all!

Here are some of the items ive created over the last few months (sadly its been like a year since i posted last work has been nuts)



Wolfs tooth seax made from bloom, wrought, and 1075


welding up a dual twisted core sword, still in the works


pattern welded seax with antler handle


anglo saxon bloom steel spear with copper ring inlay around the socket, bloom made by myself

Single Edge Viking sword, with copper inlayed upper and lower crossguards and pommel cap


Vendel Bloom Spear for Matt Bunker


sword for a friend


pattern welded knife for dave roper of ganderwick creations.


large seax with carvings


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Good to see you're still at it.


Since you have been doing some bloomery work, and I remember you had just moved to the area last year, I thought I'd ask if you know about the annual "Fire at Nite Iron Pour" in Solsberry, IN. I think it usually happens in late summer, and is only about 30 minutes west of Bloomington.

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Welcome back! I wondered what you'd been up to, and I see you've been busy! Great stuff. For those who don't know or remember, Evelyn was the first official recipient of Fiery Bangs. With the new 'do, I guess it'll be Fiery Coiffure in general... ;)

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yeah its my full time profession. just normally customer have me making such uninspired crap that its not worth posting. Every once in a while i get someone who wants something other than a boring edc. im about to stop taking commissions all together and just work on what I want and see where the chips fall. currently its like im working in an office again only making a lot less.


Yeah i like making bloom and using as much historically accurate material as I can.

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Nice to meet you Evelyn (sort of anyway).

I like your work and I hope to see more of it.

Thanks for showing.

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