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1084 and Camel Bone

Ryan Merton

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First commission! Woot! I was going to call it the Basilisk or some other such thing, but it was decided that it needed to lose a few inches in length, which resulted in more of a resemblance to a talon than anything else. Not complaining.



Aldo's 1084, HRC ~62

Radius Emerald Camel Bone

3/32" stainless welding rod




(had to post photos directly from computer, received a "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" upon trying to post containing links from photobucket. Checked the image posting topic but didn't see anything new, has there been a recent change?)

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Thanks. It's more comfortable than it looks, promise. :D


I was mostly confused because it's one of the more common sites and the preview looked fine. Might be browser or user-error related.

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