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Wrought iron and w2 san mai hunting knife wip

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Another commission I have been working on, the customer wanted a new working knife to carry when stalking.

He also has a passion for japanese swords, so wanted it to be an adaptation of a traditional japanese style, I felt that using the wrought iron for this would aid the aesthetic, I have deliberately left some of the incursions to make it look antique.

This project has been made with only hand tools.






2016-06-25 18.39.40.png

2016-06-25 18.40.28.png


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Wow nice looking piece. Was just looking at the tanto you have posted as well, you are doing some very nice work!

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Thank you Justin, I try to improve on each project, not just fit and finish, but also time taken , and amount of fuel used.

I do need to be careful at times, as sometimes get a little too advance for my skill levels, that said, it's best to keep pushing out of your comfort zone, to ensure the progression doesn't stagnate.

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that is a nice combination. The gnarly wrought gives it a great look. I missed it - what was the steel in the middle?

thanks for showing so much of process.


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