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I wanted to get an iron kiss hammer but since Mr. Larson is no longer making these hammers I am strongly considering a MZ75 hammer from kensiron and I was wondering if anyone had experience with them. They look pretty good to me.

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I'm really impressed by the level of control Ken's hammers have. Only question I would have is that in the video's I've seen, his hammers don't seem to hit as hard as Mr Larson's did. He recommends nearly half the horse power for the compressor that Iron Kiss did, which could be the cause.

Also on the 75lb hammer he doesn't have a big anvil like his 100lb hammer.

That said, his price is very reasonable, and Iron Kiss no longer makes hammers, so the choices are limited.

I did hear recently that some one was importing Say-mak hammers again, though I don't remember what his name was.

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