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Hello everyone. I wanted to show my new grinder made by TDM Grinders in Alberta Canada. Terry is a great guy to deal with, he gets back to you really fast and will take the time to call you and speak to you. The first thing you will notice is that it looks a lot like the Wilmont TAG-101, that's because Terry designed that one as well . One feature that is great is that you have complete control adjusting the belt tension. It runs smooth and the tracking is great. I had a Pheer grinder for years and it served me well but this machine is amazing, I absolutely love it. It comes with an adjustable tool rest. I got him to build me an adjustable 24" tool rest for grinding my swords and I also got the small wheel attachment. Grinding fullers is much easier now with the adjustable tool rest. The small wheel attachment accepts KMG wheels. He has a three arm bolt together grinder that I have and he has a five arm welded version. The price is great for what you get. $1,250CAD for the bolt together and $1,350CAD for the welded version. These were the prices when I ordered mine so they may have changed. This includes the flat plated and adjustable tool rest. The small wheel attachment is extra and I can't remember what it cost me. Since the Canadian dollar is doing terrible this is a steal of a deal for everyone in the US. His online store is under construction right now but you can still order.






Bolt Together http://www.2x72grind...grinder-7359120 and http://www.2x72grind...grinder-7349189

Welded http://www.2x72grinders.com/post/5-arm-welded-super-grinder-8092576?pid=1292133167

Horizontal Tilt http://www.2x72grind...achment-7374208

Knife Grinding Jig http://www.2x72grind...ing-jig-7204331





Adjustable tension.

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