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Birds Eye Maple San Mai Puukko

Tim Tracey

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Well I've struck again, working to do well in this style before I want to move on to others.


I've got a wrought iron and 1095 San Mai Puukko, with a birds eye maple handle. Simple but useful.


OAL - 6.5 inches

Blade Length - 2.5 inches

Blade thickness - 3/16 of an inch

Handle - A smidgeon under 4 inches


All comments are welcome, I won't improve otherwise. Thanks for looking everyone.



BirdsEye Full.jpg


BirdsEyePuukko with Sheath.jpg

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Hey Tim!



You know I am an avid puukko fan, and it don't get much better than this.


My only question is how does it feel in the hand while carving wood?

IMHO, that is the true test.


but blade wise, I think you need to work your way up to leuku now.


Good job man!



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Looks good from here! My only critique would be to bring the handle down even with the spine of the blade, that little step stands out more than you'd think. But you probably knew that. ;)

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I really do appreciate it.


Gabriel, the big handle little blade combo works every time. From my bush crafting phase some years back I now make sure all my handles feel good in any position, so they are as versatile as possible.

A leuko does sound like it needs to happen. Good suggestion.


Alan, You are right on. That bit of handle above the blade does bug me, though the picture makes it seem worse than it feels. It doesn't change that it's out of whack.

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I'm guessing from the silence I should take it as a compliment.

I'll be irritating you guys with other styles in the near future.


Take care all.



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