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Adjustable Z Workrest for KMG

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Hi All:


I've played around with several solutions to the problem of adjusting the height of the workrest on the KMG for the grinding of fullers.


Here is my latest and favorite solution.


As you can see, I utilized a small lathe slide/vertical milling table. It's available on Amazon for $126




The slide is secured to the steel parts with bolts. The body of the slide is thick aluminum, so it's easy to drill and tap holes into it.


It's precise, rigid, and seems to stay put. It starts to sink on the Z axis from vibration I will probably add a set screw.


Anyway, thought I'd share.







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Love the ingenuity! Have you thought about/tried a rack and pinion to get the vertical travel? Yours beats the snot out of the rod+friction thing going on with mine :lol:

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