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Single Steel Damascus


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Yesterday I started welding together my first billet of Damascus steel. I started out with six layers of bandsaw blade for my initial weld, which I then welded, drew out, cut, stacked, and welded again. Before I spend too much time on this billet I would like to know if it will show any pattern at all when etched, given that it is made out of only one alloy of steel

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We are waiting for you to tell us that.....there should be a pattern due to the change in composition at the welded surfaces. That change is often associated with decarburization you may be able to limit that to a very slight amount. Cable damascus is an example of that process.



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Yes, Scott Roush made a couple of swords or parts of blades from pieces of 1095 shim stock (I had a coil that I traded him that was about 10 yards long of .05" x 1.25"). He made some really interesting blades with this. Subtle, but visible.


Etch with very dilute ferric chloride.



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