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San Mai tanto from scrap WIP

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I decided to make a blade from some old tools bought at a flee market.


File (high c)

Large wood drill (middel c)

Mild steel for the handel



Welded all together in san mai



Result was larger then expected


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I have to say, looks pretty good so far. I love forging from scrap, giving new life to old steel and all that. Can't wait to see how it will turn out.

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Some imperfections near the handle made it into a Tanto at the cost of 6 cm blade, thanks Luke.


First rounds of filing are done, now to finish up for HT.

I am planning to water quench this one or brine, fingers crossed.





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HT prep



Looks strait, back in the oven



No cracks on the first inspection and file hardness



The sori is there but i had expected to be more noticeable, 4mm on blade length 290mm.

Is this normal behaviour whit san mai?

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lack of hamon? So the steel wasn't shallow hardening (i.e., did it harden under the clay, too?). Make sure you tested it for hardness everywhere (or everwhere, as we said when I was growing up). Temper accordingly (it may need a little hotter-than-normal tempering due to some of the alloying that was not anticpated.

Please, please, forgive me for stating such obvious things.


Now, onto better things... that blade is gorgeous! I am impressed with the shape and subtlety of design.

Rock on!

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Owww Thanks .. -) the blade is waiting for the handle and second etch. Figured to leave it for now until i get a bit more experienced (and the lack of brass)

When i finish the xmas kith i will etch this once again.

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