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Cthulhean Daggers

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Hey, everyone.

Although I usually make historical inspired blades, sometimes I like to play around with fantastic concepts, even some of which have nothing to do with medieval times, as I prefer most often.

In this case there are two daggers based on Lovecraft's work. The first one was made almost one year ago, when a costumer asked me to freak out and make a Cthulhu cultist inspired knife. Then I kept with the idea in mind as I really liked the concept and this week I just finished the second one.

In both cases the blade was forged to resemble a tentacle and I used ebony for the handles. In the first I put two emeralds on the handle and made a horn statue of Cthulhu. I then used a more primitive construction, wrapping the blade in the handle. On the second I carved the face of the Elder One on the handle and tried to make it all more organic looking, as if it all was part of an animal part.

Hope you enjoy it.


























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Did someone say Cthulhu? It's like my favorite thing ever.


Both are great, but I love the first one. It looks like a knife to sacrifice someone with. And fact that the pommel is a carving based upon Lovecraft's drawing of Cthulhu just finished it up. Great work Vinicius!

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."  -Albert Camus


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Thank you, men!

Wes Detrick, yes, the costumer wanted something based on that drawing and I tried my best to make it tridimentional. The idea was to make something more sacrificial on the first one, and I'm glad to see I had success on it. Thank you for the feedback!

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