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Small utility drop point

Lukas MG

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Hi guys,

Just finished this little drop point utility knife, something to accompany me on hiking trips and the like. Blade length is 7.5cm, overall length 17.5cm. The swedge is mainly aesthetic, not sharpened. It does provide a very nice place to rest the thumb though.

Steel is 80CrV2, heat treated to 60Rc, with (unknown) hardwood handle scales.

This is a user through-and-through but a pretty one ;)

Now onto the sheath... perfect occupation for a Sunday afternoon where anything using (loud) power tools is impossible.





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@Aiden: I don't actually know what wood it is. Someone else suggested in may be Osage. I don't know, all I know is that it is quite hard and pretty enough to make me want to put it on a knife.



Nothing quite so pleasing as a well made, well executed clean knife.


I agree. Well, maybe a well made, well executed clean sword but that's beside the point ;)

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That could be Osage and if it is the patina will get deeper. One test is when you sanded it was the wood yellowish and produce a fine dust that was also yellowish and seemed to go everywhere? If the answer to those questions is yes then I'd say that it's probably Osage.


Nice looking knife in any event.



HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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