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Forum NEWS - August 05, Vol.1

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To all members of this community, whether old or young :)


Most have noticed that the board now has two administrators... as don did announce a while ago. (only that this post here will not be confusing)...



This community, at least such is my believe, is one of the best on the WWW...

And it is the intention of don and me to keep this that way.


During the past months this board has seen an increasing number of new members, most which are beginners, some which have not yet held a hammer.

I try to think of this "development" as a positive thing. The Craft lives up once more and maybe we will see a lot of new input, new ways and useful additions to this age old craft within due time.


However this will take time... Time in a way neither me nor anyone else has a control about.


On this forum there are so many highly qualified, experienced members... And usually as seen on other boards when there's a flood of "newbie" questions, a lot of off topic discussions it will cause one thing to happen: The "old" member will start gettin' annoyed, will stop posting and asking... and most will detour to use email and phone to keep in contact with the others. Do not try to convince me of another way... as I have seen this happen on quite a few boards. Another thing which I have seen happen is that the gap between the experience of the users will become so great in a large scale that many experienced ones will be reluctant to share all their knowledge easily.


What to do?

This was the very question which Don and I did discuss over some time.

Aware we are, there is no perfect solution. And we had some "ideas", inputs from others and so on... In the end we decided to take several small actions.


And I thought it would be nothing but fair to share with you what will happen within the next few months.

Why months? ok, I'm not a full time admin :)... but the main reason being the fact that I do not want to rush things... to make one thing a time, to see how the community reacts and if positive make the next step.


The list of actions below is a "compacted" one... I will spare you all the technical bla bla :wacko:



Suggestions... whilst I will not guarantee that your suggestions will become reality on this board, I still would love to hear what you think...

If you feel like contributing on that level to the community please send me an E-mail or Private Message (my E-mail is mail [AT] roninknives.com (replace the [AT] with "@"... sorry but spammer-bots are listening :ph34r: ).

I am open for suggestions from ANYONE, from new and from old alike.

Thanks for your help.


Another ISSUE I'd like to push: REAL NAMES.

I have written about this in the "how to begin" thread... and I feel it is time to push it a little more, as it will be amongst the things which will be a new requirement for registering an account here...

I firmly believe it would do the community a lot of good, if the members would go by their real name instead of some pseudonym / alias...

I'd suggest things like "DGentile" or "DanielGentile" or "Gentile" or "GentileD"...

if you would like to stick to your alias then maybe consider to include your real name in your signature or put it in your "Custom Member Title" in your profile.

Username changing is FREE :) and it is but a click with the mouse for me...

Just send me a Private Message and I'll change it for you...

I am sure I would not be the only one who'd appreciate this.



List of Actions (OK = Accomplished task):

- How To Start thread (OK)

- Beginners Place (OK)

- More restrictive Registration (Asking for Real name and such things)

- Introduction Page to the Forum (will only be shown upon login and if you do not "auto login" which will explain the "community rules")

- "Library" A "forum" where all tips and tricks will be stored (complicated to explain in a few words).

- Teachers Register (many here do teach the craft... register as teacher and you will be "mapped").


There are more things... but that's the work I've on my schedule at first...




As I've said any constructive input is highly appreciated...

This Post IS CLOSED... I do not want to start a public discussion and any such thread would be closed. This is "off topic" in a way... communicate by PN or E-Mail with me.



Thanks for your help




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