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Three simple blades for DIY

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I have made a few really simple blades, for a DIY finishing. I remeber when I started reenacting, all the blades were quite expensive for me, and so I tried to come up with something affordable :) All the blades are from spring steel, in Czech Republic it is 14 260 (AKA 54SiCr6), and all have been hardened, tempered and have a surface finish of cca 320grit.


The Brokenback: length: 12,7cm, width: 26mm to 33mm, thickness: 4,8mm to 5,8mm. Price: 37E/41USD + shipping



The III: length: 11,9cm, width: 24,5mm, thickness: 5,8mm. Price: 32E/36USD + shipping



The last one: length: 11,2cm, width: 22mm, thickness: 5,8mm. Price: 30E/34USD + shipping


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