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Here is the latest thing to emerge from my shop, and just in time too, I have to deliver it tomorrow!

Unfortunately, that means I don't have the time to take any really good pics. :angry:



1095/15N20, 7.5" blade, 12" OAL.
Nickel-silver (Ni/Si) fittings with minor silicon bronze spacer. Black micarta scales and rope filed frame. Flush Ni/Si pins.

Full Right.JPG

Left close.JPG

Blade left.JPG

Guard fit.JPG


Sheath back.JPG

Sheath right.JPG


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I wish I could embiggen the pictures. That turned out really really nice. Is that a 4 bar twist? Whatever it is, I really love it, and I love how dark the whole thing is.

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Thanks guys, This was the first time I got Turkish twist to cooperate and not get all stretched out in forging the blade shape in.


Wes: It's a 4-bar blade, yes. I just cannot remember if they were 13 layer bars or 23....... The blade is done with Birchwood Casey cold bluing cream. I think I owe a bit of thanks to someone here for recommending the cream over the liquid. It does seem to work better.


Jason: Thanks for the sheath compliment. I was a leather worker a long time ago and have started getting back into my tooling again. I even started to do some free-hand carving again.



Man, I am out of shape........practice time!

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the welding, the finish, the pins, and the spacer/guard assembly are each very cool. And, it all fits together wonderfully.


me likey.

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