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Wrought/blister/carburized Seax blade

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Greetings! I have posted for sale two blades for sale on my website, and would like to share with the community. The blade I am most keen to share is a seax blade that was made from wrought iron, that I blistered in charcoal fines. After refining the material, I wasn't able to get sufficient hardness so I carburized the rough forging, and then forged the blade to shape. I was able to get an excellent heat treat, and put a foundation grind on the blade, and etched the surface to take a peek at the structure. There is beautiful patterning on the steel, and the blade is being offered in its current stage to open up the possibility of further decorative work being performed on the blade, or a final finishing process to further bring out the beauty of the steel. Additional images and information can be found on my website, www.warriorspathpatternweld.com



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