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Desert ironwood burl and leather


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Hey guys I posted this over in the for sale section of the forums but thought I might post it here as well. I would also like to take a moment to give special thanks to Mathew Gregory and John smith for mentoring me through my bladesmithing quest. Matthew has answered all of my questions about knifemaking in general and has helped me in numerous ways for over a year now. John has allowed me to come to his shop many times and has helped me improve my forging and understanding of Japanese style blades. Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate the help. My skill level wouldn't be anywhere near where it is without you guys.


This knife is made from 1084 with a hand rubbed finish. This blade is an excellent slicer due to the thin edge (it was brought down to about .01" before sharpening.) The handle is a gorgeous piece of desert ironwood burl with 6061 aluminum pins and tubing. The sheath is made from wicket and Craig leather. It is wet formed, features a welt, and it handstitched by me. The sheath was dyed and treated with snoseal to protect it from water and give it a nice color. The leather sheath has excellent retention and has a nice click when the blade is fully sheathed. I have tested it and it does not fall out if you turn it upside down and shake the sheath up and down. I would really appreciate any feedback. Feel free to ask questions!


I would so like to add that this is my first ever leather sheath and any tips on how I can make it better would be great!



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looks good to me. I don't ever do thong tubes, so i can't say for sure, are they usually just a tad below center? I think that is what I remember, and therefore, good job? Just checking. I personally prefer handles with a little drop where they end to wrap around your pinky. However, that is just a style thing, and I do like the finger notches in your handle. They are tasteful, practical, and not too big.


I suck at leatherwork, so I can't give any guidance there. Matthew and John are great dudes, though.


Keep sharing your work. You are off and running, for sure.

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Thanks a lot guys!


Kevin- yes it is below center I tried to but the tubing in a convienient place so it wouldn't get in the way. I'm not sure if this is correct because I never use a lanyard but I like to add it because o know some people like it. Thanks for the critique!

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