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Japanese Style Forging Hammers for general forging and bladesmithing.

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**Here is one of each, a 2.5# and a 3.25# japanese style forging hammers I have made. Both are made from 4140 steel, normalized and fully hardened in Parks 50 for maximum hardness and tempered the face to dark straw. Then ground and polished to resist rust and look clean.


**These are superb for bevels, and when used properly can save a shoulder. The angle of the handle allows less motion while keeping the wrist in a comfortable position.


**The 2.5# is an extremely comfortable weight for this style, and the 3.25# is a metal mover.


**The handles are made from solid hickory that I fully shape to accommodate each hammer head to make a tight fit.


**The 2.5 is $120 to your door anywhere in the US, and the 3.25 is $130 to your door.


**Also, I am currently using my logo that I use for my blades.


****Paypal preferred.****








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