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Karl B. Andersen

1 inch square 5160

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I've decided to sell some of my 5160 stash.


Here's a write-up I gave it on Facebook:


1" square 5160 - $220.00

Please read carefully:
I acquired a large supply of this 1" square 5160 10 years ago. Not only myself, but others have used it and found it to be excellent as far as 5160 goes.
I have the specs and will post them at the end.
Now this information is important - I know of no other 5160 in this dimension.
In 1984, a company who manufactures agricultural accessories were developing a piece that required them to have a dimension of 5160 that they could not find. So, they went to a mill and had their own made - what I'm selling is it.
Shortly after receiving their steel from the mill, their process changed and the 1" square was no longer needed.
It got piled up behind the factory and remained there until I found it 10 years ago. So, I bought what you see in the picture and still have access to some more of it.
Keep in mind, that this will not be a continuing supply - when it's gone - IT'S GONE!!
This is the important part - it has spent most of its 30+ year life span outside in a stack.
It's rusty.
It has pits.
But you'll find no other like it - anywhere.
I have done just a little searching and about the cheapest you can find even just 1/4" flat stock is $4.00/lb or more.
I've seen as high as $8.00 a pound for round stock.
I'm selling mine for $3.00/lb. And I'm doing that because it's not perfect steel - rust/pits.
That said, even after just a few heats and scale removal, you are below the rust.
A little forging and grinding and the rust becomes a non-issue.
Part of that price also means I am only selling it one way - in 1 foot pieces in a Flat rate box.
19 feet of this stuff + the box gets me in just under the 70 pound limit for Flat Rate. If I go 20 pieces I go over the limit.
And selling a full box and after disclosure of the rust allows me to sell this stuff for 3 bucks.
By buying this steel, you agree that you understand it is not perfect.
It is nearly all just like in the pictures.
No complaints - no refunds.
I'm almost giving this stuff away.
I have enough for about 50 orders.
When it's gone it's gone.
Of the five shown here, only four are for sale. One is already gone.
You secure your box by stating your intention in this post.
Just consider them numbered 1,2,3, and 4.
Read the posts ahead of yours.
When you see all four sold - these are gone.
I'm NOT!!!! taking orders.
I will only sell them as I list them here.
I will also be selling on 3 other web sites and Instagram.
I will not be selling everything here on Facebook.
I take money on Pay Pal. Do NOT!!! pay any money until you hear back from me with instructions on how to pay.
Let's see how these first four go.
Use your imagination and think of all the different things you can make with this dimension steel.
It makes great hatchets.
I may come back and alter this post as needed.

I had a spectro analysis done when I got it:
C - 0.61, MN - 0.87, SI - 0.22, CR - 0.71, MO - less than .014, NI - 0.05, CU - 0.21, V - 0.03, N - 0.0048






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These are all gone at this time.

I will list more in a week or so.

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