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Old gas forge in Sweden?

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I have been traveling in Sweden and came across this small firebrick forge or furnace of sorts. It is located in a woodworking shop which used to be a school here on the west coast of Sweden. It opens similar to a clamshell design and has 3 openings in a T shape. I imagine it was heated with a torch or gas burner of some kind but I have not seen a torch yet. There are a lot of plumbing supplies around being stored in this area; the forge was hidden underneath them.






There are some other metalsmithing tools nearby, including an anvil, several forming stakes and wooden sinking blocks for forming sheet metal. I don't know if the forge was ever used for working iron, there does not appear to be any forged iron nearby, but there are some white metal ingots lying around (possibly lead or pewter or just melted solder). I should note that there is a book of blueprints for simple blacksmithing projects in the shop.






Has anyone here seen or used a forge like this? I haven't been able to find any information on it but I am curious how it would have been used, and particularly how it was heated.

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I have seen this design before, but I cannot locate the information, sorry.
It was heated with a torch that was mounted with the flame aimed at the large opening that faces the picture.
The two other openings were to enable long pieces to be heated anywhere along their length.

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Thank you Peter! That makes a lot of sense. I may try to find a torch and see how it works while I am here. I love the small, efficient setup of the forge. The metalworking heritage in Sweden is fascinating to me. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can on this trip.


I also just found a couple wonderful mechanical shears today. I've never seen one this large before.





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