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Some of my finished kitchen knife

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Hi all!

I"m new to this forum and also to forging knives. Only some two years. I wanted to show you all some of my recently finished knives and also get some input.

The damascus is all forged by me and is 15n20 with either 1095, W2 or 52100


This first one is a laddered crushed W 190 mm gyuto. Handle is desert ironwood burl with copper and ebony spacers. Ferrule and endcap is sperm whale tooth.

Saya made from american walnut with pin of whale bone.





This next one is a laddered 240 mm kiritsuke. Koa with ebony/buffalo spacers. Ferrule and endcap buffalo


kiri 1.jpgkiri 3.jpgkiri 2.jpg


Here is my first try at a composite blade. 210 mm gyuto 3x maidens hair twist with 15n20 in between.

Handle made from ebony with sterling silver and swedish moose bone spacers.


knife2.jpeggyuto 1.jpggyuto 2.jpggyuto 3.jpg

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Welcome to the forums, and I must say I am seriously jealous of your etching! That first one especially. Is that just a very deep etch followed by buffing? Great stuff, no matter how you did it.

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Thank you Karim and Alan!

I etched the blade for five, minutes took it out and cleaned of all the oxides very thoroughly then back in the etchant. Repeated this 6 times to get a really deep etch and as you said took it to the buffer.

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Stunning work. And, welcome!

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Welcome, you will fit right in.

Those are outstanding looking knives, and all of the tapers looked good in the pics. You have some great handles, too.


I am jealous in that you are quite good for only a couple of years. It took me 3 or 4 to reach that level.


Thanks for showing us the work. Don't be afraud to share your process pictures with us. We love them, even if it is pictures of things we all do dozens of times per year. We are a bunch of knife nuts (never get tired of looking at pictures of women or knife construction, in that order). If it was reversed, maybe I would worry.



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