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Wesley Alberson

Smithmas Knife WIP

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After researching carry laws for balisong knives, I realized that whoever gets it will probably not be allowed to actually use it, so I guess it will be a project for another time. It didn't go with the theme, anyways. It is supposed to be the ideal small knife. For me, I really like pointy, small knives, and the kiridashi knife serves that purpose well. I think that I will try to make a folding kiridashi, with a forge-welded edge and a sen-scraped hollow on the left side. I think that I will use some copper for the handle scales and aluminum for the spacer.


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Well, my chisel grind plans didn't work out, but this knife could be going to a left-handed person, anyways. The blade is made from an old file, and the handle is made from some aluminum bar that was hammered out with a cross peen, giving it a cool texture, almost like gray stone. I was originally planning to have a copper handle, but in hindsight it would have been too heavy. Even though the handle had been folded over, I added a piece of mild steel to the end of the handle to give it a little counterweight and make it a bit stronger. I sharpened it up to 1200 grit on my diamond stones, giving it a razor sharp edge. Once it was done, I gave myself a much needed fingernail clipping with it! :P I hope whoever gets this one likes it!


Hammered out aluminum:






And open:


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