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The Lake sword

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Hey Collin, not really sure yet but I want to try a little lost wax casting a bit of bronze for this one but is something I've never done so while see how that goes :P Also some some dark wood or antler is a way I might go, but it wouldn't be anything thing exotic maybe a darkwalnut,,,

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Ok so good new is it survived the quench but the bad news it didn't fully harden in oil and I have no way for a vertical water quench... but with that said its a iron age sword made outta iron so I'm just going with it at this point! I did try to work harden the edges a little bit just because and even with all the little flaws in the surface of the blade this thing takes a good beating, gets bent but is really easy to straighten... it does take a good bite out of a brass bar with the edge rolling over a bit


it's in the stages of the final grind and starting to polish soon but had to walk away from the grinder today when one side of the blade turned out well but the other side I couldn't keep the center line straight at all, think I'm just to tried and better leave it for another day!



It also appears that my core material is showing in a couple spots, I was hoping that this wouldnt happen but it must have been a little to thin in spots when I wrapped it around the wrought iron. it's gonna be a interesting when I do the final polish and etch!



After the blade was cleaned up for HT and the scale formed on the surface in made some pretty neat stuff on the blades surface!






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Looking good man! Walnut would look great on it, especially if you "ebonize" it so it gets that super sweet contrast with the other handle materials ;)

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