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Today I finally made myself a file working jig/holder tool. Dwayne Dushane shows something like this one in his video on file work. Dwayne's is made from 1-1/2" square bar stock and I didn't have the patience to make one of those. So, I dug around in the scrap heap and found some 3/8" by 1-1/2" flat and a couple of 5/16" bolts. After using it, I was grateful to have done it. This really makes getting around the work piece much easier than using a bench vice and it holds the work piece like, well, like a vice. I don't have to lean over anymore either. That was killing my neck.

I do understand why Dwayne has one out of such heavy stock though. There is a little flex in mine that I'd love to eliminate that Dwayne probably doesn't have in his. Here is the newest gizmo for the shop.

FIlework jig (2)-opt.jpg

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