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Aiden CC

Small Pattern Welded Seax with Walnut

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Forged with 150 year old wrought iron, this seax is the result of a successful experiment in fixing flaws in old material. A crack in the wrought was filed out and filled with a small piece with matching grain direction to make an almost imperceptible fix and adding to the knife's story and character.


The blade is made from a three bar of composite of W1 tool steel, twisted 14 layer 1095/15n20 and a spine from antique wrought iron window bars. The handle is made from a piece of scrap walnut and matches the blade at 5" (~12 cm) long with a very subtle hourglass shape.


A sheath is not included, but I can make one custom upon request. The price for this knife is SOLD(US).


If you're interested, send me a PM here or check out the knife's Etsy listing here:










Thanks for looking!

Aiden Carley-Clopton

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Good for you!

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