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rule of thumb for hidden tang length?

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Sorry if this is repeat question, but when making a knife with a hidden tang is there a certain ratio between blade length and tang length that you should shoot for? ( more concerned with how short is too short )






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If you look at historical knives and swords, the tangs are often quite small. It may be that they were trying to conserve material, or that it didn't matter all that much.


So the answer is, it depends :D . I look at the pieces I make and decide depending on the use it might get. A petty knife hardly needs a tang at all, a big chopper, I like to run them through the handle and put a nut on the end.


Does any of that help?



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Look up some of the museum pictures of seaxes, there are several entries on the knife boards. You will see the tangs running the whole gamut from short stubby tangs to ones that run through the handle. Some with the pommels still attached.



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i like em to at least extend a little past the pin i plan to use and if its hidden that usually means one pin placed so its ascetically balanced to the handel size but then were that ends up moves if you adding spacers and such

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